8MM Natural Gemstone Amethyst Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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Charlene K 8MM Natural Gemstone Amethyst Beaded Stretch Bracelet.

This lovely stretch bracelet made with Amethyst natural gemstone beads is a trendy and stylish accessory for everyday wear. It is also an attractive stacking bracelet!

** The gemstone's color will vary as no two gemstones are the same.

Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstone Amethyst
Stone Bead Size Approximately 8mm
(or about 1/3 of an inch)
Clear, elastic, latex free cord
Adjustable, fits most
How bracelet is made Handmade
Can be custom made to your precise size.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a semi-precious stone, which is violet in color. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek á¼€ a- ("not") and μέθυστος méthystos ("intoxicated"), referring to the belief the stone protects one from drunkenness or intoxication.

Crystalline quartz in colors ranging from green to pale lilac to deep reddish purple and ranging from transparent to translucent is known as amethyst. Value per carat in amethyst, unlike many gems, doesn't rise exponentially with weight as it is readily available in large sizes; but depends almost entirely on color. The "Siberian" deep purple with red and blue flash commands the highest prices. Green amethyst, new to the market, is produced by heat treatment.

Note: These are large, bold and colorful Natural Semi Precious Gemstones, which have clear and unique markings and shapes. Therefore, each piece is different. The photo is not 100% true representation of the product. Some colors may be slightly enhanced. That means you may receive the product that is slightly different from the photo.

More useful information about Charlene K.
• Most of Charlene K Jewelry is hand-made in U.S.A.
Our jewelry is made with 14K Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, and Rare Gemstones.
All chains are 14K Gold Vermeil imported from Italy.

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